New Container Terminal 2028-2030

Increased capacity

Projections point to an increase in demand for container operations in Helsingborg. The logistics sector is growing in the southern part of Sweden.

2030 at the latest, our new container terminal will be in operation in the south part of Helsingborg. It allows The Port to continue to support the business community’s need for efficient modes of transport. Together, we create new jobs in Sweden’s best logistics location!

Our journey has begun, but before we open the new container terminal, sustainability goals must be reached, detailed development plans must be drawn up, and permits must be applied for and approved.

The new container terminal will be developed sustainably with automation, electrification and efficient land use; this will meet increasing container volumes for many decades.

The City and The Port

The Port has been a primary driving force for The City’s development for several centuries. The result is that The Port is now integrated into the middle of The City, with some challenges regarding land use, noise, emissions from ships, machines, and traffic to and from The Port. The Port is Sweden’s second-largest container port, contributing to Helsingborg’s status as the best logistics location in the country.

The container port is an integrated segment of the import and export needs for the Region, as well as parts of southern Sweden. The current geographic area for container management is crucial for the business community but is also an obstacle to urban development. This has resulted in the historic decision to move The Port and its container terminal further south into a more industrial area.

Stuveriarbetare sätter i ladd-kabeln till el-dragbil

Innovation and sustainability

The re-location and development of a new container terminal to the south create valuable space for central urban expansion and, simultaneously, reduce The Port’s challenges with an annual increase in container volumes, quay capacity and efficient land use.

The geographical relocation of the container terminal will have minimal impact as construction will progress in parallel with the current container terminal, keeping the operational activities intact. A seamless transition from our current terminal to the new further south will secure our customers’ level of service as production will continue at full capacity throughout the move.

Construction can at the earliest start in 2026, and the new port is expected to be in operation no later than 2030. We build for a climate-neutral, automated, and modern port production!

We’ve done it before

Forty years ago, in the early 1980s, the industrial port was located in the middle of The City Center. The handling of cargo was mainly conventional. Today, raw manpower has been replaced by modern technology and the cargo is transported efficiently and swiftly in containers to and from The West Harbour, which was inaugurated in the latter half of the 1980s.

The West Harbour, built for Ro-Ro traffic, soon became Sweden’s second-largest container port. Because containerisation is on the rise globally, land use efficiency has become the forefront at The Port of Helsingborg. The plan for the new container terminal, which will be completed no later than 2030, is that volumes will be able to grow and be managed here beyond 2050.

Vy över inre hamnen 1975

The Nordic region’s most modern port – for another 200 years

New quay spanning about 650 meters

A new quay, about 650 meters long and with a depth of 15 meters, is planned; this will accommodate three feeders or two larger deep-sea (Post Panama class) vessels in a row. A new electric handling system is implemented to meet the increased container volumes and sustainability goals. Logistic projections point to an increased demand for container operations, and the opportunity to integrate sustainable operations with higher efficiency and increased capacity is essential.

Included in the new container handling system are electric RTG cranes, which makes it possible for The Port to run fossil-free and fully automated.

A new Combi Terminal is also part of the plan. This will connect land, sea, and rail traffic for the southern part of Sweden in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Public hearing

During the spring of 2023, we will arrange a public hearing regarding The Port build and re-location. We welcome all citizens and stakeholders to participate and get detailed information about the new Container Terminal. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions and share opinions.

More information will be shared on our website shortly!

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