Lastbilar kör in i hamnen via Centralgaten.

One way in. One way out.

The Central gate in the Port of Helsingborg provides for more secure and efficient logistics. Everyone who collects or delivers cargo in the port drives through our central gate where the driver’s identity and vehicle are matched with the business at the port.

It should be easy to collect and deliver cargo in the Port of Helsingborg. We stick our necks out with the ambition of having the best turn-a-round time in Sweden for the approximately 800 trucks that enter our Central gate every day. 
If everyone pre-notifies their arrival at the port – the turn-a-round time will be even better!

Access card
can be issued to people who have recurring business at the Port of Helsingborg.

Personal i Centralgate.

Pre-notify your business

If you have recurring business at the port you can apply for a personal access card issued by the Port of Helsingborg in the central gate and after that pre-notify your business. Then drive through the entrance access gate directly to a check-in lane for an ID check. Once in the check-in lane, you will be informed of exactly where in the port you should collect or deliver your cargo. All unitized cargo must be checked at the inspection station located inside the West Harbour.

If you have not pre-notified your cargo, drive to the gate office to notify us of your business, and undergo an ID check. Then drive to the check-in line.

Kartillustration med väganvisning till Centralgaten och olika verksamhetsområden.

From the E4 directly to Massgodsleden

A simple entry and exit save valuable time during loading and unloading.  The central gate effectively connects driveways to our five different port sections: The West Harbour, The Combi Terminal, The Energy Terminal, The Grain Terminal, and The Skåne Terminal.

The exit is next to the entrance. Drive out through the exit gate and then to a check-out lane to confirm that your business has been properly carried out.

Inside the port area, the maximum speed is 30 km / h, and a warning vest must be worn anytime you leave your vehicle

Trafik in och ut ur Centralgaten.

Pre-notify your cargo here

As a driver, you can easily pre-notify your cargo via the portal in the main menu, the button below or via a transport planner. There are also two terminals in the central gate intended for pre-notification. All drivers with unitised cargo then receive a user ID and a password to be able to log in and pre-notify at these terminals.

To be able to pre-notify via the portal, a personal access card is required, which you can apply for here on the web or at Helsingborg Port Security in the central gate.

Find your way to the Central gate!

Address Central gate:
Massgodsleden 4

Coordinates Central gate:
WGS84 DDM (lat, long) N 56 ° 1.8258 ‘, E 12 ° 42.0027’
WGS84 DD (lat, long) 56.03043, 12.70005
RT90 6215673, 1306444

Opening hours Gate office
Mon-Fri at 6.00-20.00 for container deliveries.
Mon-Fri at 7.00-16.00 for general cargo to the warehouses at the Skåne Terminal. Registration in the gate no later than 15.00!
Other opening hours upon request.

For further information:
Call +46 (0)42-10 63 26