Our harbours

The South Harbour

The South Harbour is the most versatile part of the Port of Helsingborg, with terminals equipped for various types of goods.

The Skåne Terminal handles RoRo traffic, project loads, and stuffing/stripping. The warehousing involves, for example, tomato paste in barrels, sheet steel and paper rolls, and metals like aluminium, copper, and steel. Some of the warehouses are specially adapted for storing fruit and vegetables. The South Harbour also has a berth for cruise ships with a length of up to 250 metres.

As the name says, The Grain Terminal is specially adapted for storing grain. The silo facility in the terminal is operated by Lantmännen, which handles its cargo through an unloading/loading dock.

The Energy Terminal has three docks for cargo ships and is particularly suited for unloading/loading energy products.

Hamnöversikt med Sydhamnen i fokus
Västhamnen bild på båt

The West Harbour

Featuring three container cranes and one mobile crane, the West Harbour handles 275,000 TEU* by sea and 25,000 TEU* by rail every year. Adjacent to the West Harbour is our combi terminal enabling transports directly from ship to railway. There is also a special dock for bulk cargo, such as wood pellets, that delivers to the local power company Öresundskraft by transport belt.

* The transport unit Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit, TEU, measures the volume that passes through the port. One TEU corresponds to the volume of a container with the measurements 8x9x20 feet or just over 36.25 m³.

The North Harbour

The North Harbour is the most accessible of all our ports and is right next to Helsingborg’s Central terminal for trains, buses and ferries. The operational services are dominated by the busy ferry traffic to and from Elsinore, Denmark.

ForSea is the leading operator of the traffic between Helsingborg and Elsinore. Using the docks next to the Central station, the ForSea ferries carry heavy vehicles, cars, and passengers across the strait. Opposite Knutpunkten in the Old Customs House is the terminal for Sundbusserne, an operator for passenger-only traffic.

Färjor i Nordhamnen

Port and Terminal Operations

Berth Planner
For questions concerning vessel arrival and departure, as well as operational issues.
Phone: +46 42 10 73 13 (office hours)
Duty: +46 732 31 58 69

Vessel Planner (weekdays 6:00 – 20:00)
For questions concerning discharge/loading files, EDI, depot issues, cleaning, PTI and depot release orders.
Phone: +46 42 10 66 34