permits and regulations

A regulated business

A range of documents regulates the operations in the Port of Helsingborg.

The basis is the Port Ordinance for the City of Helsingborg, passed by the decision of the City Council and the County Administrative Board in 2012. In addition, there are several governing documents approved by the Port Authority. Find all the documents below.

For questions regarding rules and recommendations, please get in touch with Helsingborg Port Control at +46 42 10 53 22 or

Governing documents for the Port of Helsingborg


You need a permit to use certain services or perform specific work in the port. You’ll find the necessary application forms below. The number in front of the name indicates an appendix to the General Operating Regulations/Special Operating Regulations for the Energy Port.

Special permit

To carry out certain work in the port area, you must apply for a special permit not listed above, such as a diving permit or crane driving. You can apply for these via

Helsingborg Port Control