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A fruit transport giant, ferry master, and container specialist

The Port of Helsingborg is a multifaceted hub that offers exceptional opportunities for efficient train, road, and sea transport throughout the entire logistics chain. We are the largest port for fresh produce imports in Sweden and a master of ferry traffic, but we are probably most well-known as the container specialist – and for many years, this has been our primary focus.

Featuring more than 400 reefer outlets for refrigerated containers, the Port of Helsingborg offers safe and secure handling of fruit and vegetables.

Our segments in sea services

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Container traffic

When transporting goods between continents worldwide, loading containers on cargo ships is the most efficient way. Containers arriving at or departing from the Port of Helsingborg usually come from a transoceanic transhipment port, such as Hamburg, Rotterdam, or Antwerpen; goods are transhipped to smaller feeder vessels. Some 15 ships from around ten companies call the Port of Helsingborg as part of their scheduled routes every week. The heavy traffic benefits the import and export industry and the transport business in our entire region.

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Bulk traffic

Bulk is basically anything that is transported in large quantities without packaging or packing, like grains, oil, or pellets. In the Port of Helsingborg, we have long experience in handling, for example, large volumes of pellets for Öresundskraft (local energy supplier). While our customers handle volumes of mineral oils in the Energy Terminal, grain volumes are handled in the Grains Terminal by Lantmännen.

Färjor i Nordhamnen

Ferry and cruise traffic

The ferries between Helsingborg and Helsingør work as a bridge for passengers, cargo trucks, and cars. To ”tura” (catching the ferry back and forth several times in a row while enjoying good food and drinks) is a well-known leisure activity in Helsingborg and is very popular among tourists. The ferry traffic between Helsingborg and Helsingor continues to be one of the port’s busiest areas. While the leading operator is ForSea with five ferries, passengers can also take the M/S Pernille operated by Sundbusserne.

The Container Specialist

The Port of Helsingborg is the second-largest container port in Sweden and one of the leading ports in northern Europe. Every year we handle around 275,000 TEU* by sea and 25,000 TEU* by rail. With efficient transport solutions by railway, road, and sea, day and night, all year round, The Port of Helsingborg provides unique infrastructural opportunities for shipping companies, conveyors, and forwarding agents.

* The transport unit Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit, TEU, measures the volume that passes through the port. One TEU corresponds to the volume of a container with the measurements 8x9x20 feet or just over 36.25 m³.

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Your partner in logistics

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Our risk management work is strategic and continuous and involves identifying, estimating, and preventing risks. This approach allows our organisation to act quickly and turn risks into potential business opportunities. Our goal is to be the most secure port in the country. 

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On time, according to terms, with no fuss, and always with a smile – we’re innovative, flexible, and willing to give that little extra to our customers every time. By anticipating and understanding their needs, we can find the best solution and always strive to solve any problems as quickly as possible.

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Using our broad competence throughout the entire logistics chain, we handle more than 8 million tonnes of goods annually – at the right time and quality. We connect refrigerated containers to electrical power, secure the correct temperatures, coordinate transports and warehousing, and much more. Intelligent IT solutions enable us to optimize business flows and improve our customers’ everyday operations.

Excellent connections to railway and highways E4 and E6.

The Port of Helsingborg provides unique infrastructural opportunities for shipping companies, conveyors, and forwarding agents. Our strategic position in the booming Öresund region, right at the intersection of railway, road, and sea transports, helps drive efficiency throughout your entire logistics chain.