Nordic Ports for a Sustainable Future

Port of Helsingborg is one of ten ports in the Nordic Region who have agreed upon a declaration focusing on sustainable port management. The joint declaration shows a regional commitment to collaborate on environmental challenges related to the UN’s Global Sustainability Goals (SDGs).

Ports are the connecting nodes of global trade and the world economy and play a vital role in creating a sustainable future in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN’s Global Sustainability Goals (SDGs). Therefore, a wide range of Nordic ports has put forward a declaration emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge, information and best practices on different environmental topics such as energy use and pollution to optimize sustainable port management.

– I am very happy to see the commitment of my colleagues in our neighbor ports. The Port of Helsingborg regards the transition to becoming sustainable as an enormous opportunity. We believe that the ports that adjust to these new challenges will be the leading ports in the future and cooperation is the way forward, says Bart Steijaert, CEO at Port of Helsingborg.