Response to strike notice

The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprisesresponse response to strike notice

In response to the Swedish Dockworkers Unions advised actions of strike, the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises have chosen to add a mirror and consequence lock out. The lock out means that all members of the Dockworkers Union will be locked out of the workplace at the start of the strike and the remaining hours of the day. In Port of Helsingborg, it looks like below:

Wednesday the 23rd of January notice of strike at. 09.00-11.00 am, notice of lock out at. 9.00 am to 23.59 pm.
Friday the 25rd of January notice of strike at. 9.00-11.00 am, notice of lock out at. 09.00 am to 23.59pm.

As most of our dockworkers staff belong to the Dockworkes Union, the main impact will be limited operation of vessels and stop of activity in the South Port such as stuffing/stripping. We will do our outmost to keep the gate open during these dates in order to maintain our service for gate in / gate out of cargo and containers.

We work actively to minimize the consequences for each customer and will try to keep all updated continuously as the situation develops.