Form for Declaration of Security between a vessel and a port facility*

Declaration of Security

Name of vessel
Port of registry
IMO number
Name of port facility
This Declaration of Security is valid from
for the passenger and cargo handling
under the following security levels
Security level(s) for the vessel
Security level(s) for the port facility

The port facility and the vessel agree to the following security measures and responsibilities in order to comply with the requirements of part A of the International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities.

The affixing of the initials of the SSO or PFSO in these columns indicates that the operation will be performed, in accordance with the relevant approved plan, by

Activity The port facility The vessel
Ensuring the performance of all security duties PFSO SSO
Monitoring restricted areas to ensure that only authorised personnel have access PFSO SSO
Controlling access to the port facility PFSO
Controlling access to the vessel SSO
Monitoring of the port facility, including berthing areas and areas surrounding the vessel PFSO
Monitoring of the vessel, including berthing areas and areas surrounding the vessel SSO
Handling of cargo PFSO SSO
Delivery of vessel´s stores PFSO SSO
Handling of unaccompanied baggage Not accepted Not accepted
Controlling the embarkation of persons and their effects SSO
Ensuring that security communication is readily available between the vessel
and the port facility

If changes are needed contact our Port Officer at Helsingborg Port Control (HPC).
Contact details: (24-hour service)
Tel +46 42106322, Mob +46 705580059
VHF ch 11

The signatories to this agreement certify that security measures and arrangements for both the port facility and the vessel during the specified operations meet the provisions of chapter XI-2 and part A of the Code and that they will be implemented in accordance with the provisions already stipulated in their respective approved plan or the special measures agreed to and set out in the attached annex.

Name and title of signatories
Port Facility
Contact details
(to be completed as appropriate, indicate the telephone numbers or the radio channels or frequencies to be used)
For the port facility For the vessel
Port facility
Port Facility Security Officer
Ship Security Officer

*) This form of Declaration of Security is for use between a vessel and a port facility. If the Declaration
of Security is to cover two or more vessels this model should be appropriately modified.
SOLAS/CONF.5/34, ANNEX 1, Page 89

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