Specification of engine room waste (sludge)

Name of vessel
Port of registry
Previous port of call
Quantity of sludge to be delivered  m3
Is the sludge pumpable?  Yes   No
Is the connection onboard acc. to IMO´s recommendation?  Yes   No State actual flange coupling
Is the sludge for delivery in barrels?  Yes   No Nos

Sludge and other waste generated onboard, and disposal of which into the sea is prohibited, can be delivered to the Port of Helsingborg according to the ”No special fee system”
Has any detergent been added to the waste?  Yes   No If yes, which?
Does the waste contain other additives? (e.g. PCB, chlorine, solvents or other)  Yes   No If yes, which?
Is the flash point less than +60°C?  Yes   No Actual flash point (°C)?
Delivery of the waste to take place and be completed during Port´s ordinary working hours, weekdays 07.00-16.00, unless otherwise agreed.
Ship´s officer responsible for the delivery Name



For and on behalf of The Port of Helsingborg

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