Waste declaration

Information to be provided before entering the Port of Helsingborg.
Please note that in Sweden delivery to a shore reception facility of solid waste, and of
sludge and oily bilge water if tanks for that purpose are more than 25% full, is compulsory.

1 Name of vessel
Call sign
2 Flag state
3 Estimated time of arrival (ETA)
4 Estimated time of departure (ETD)
5 Previous port of call
6 Next port of call
7a Last port where sludge/bilge water
was delivered and date
7b Last port where solid waste
was delivered and date
8 Quantity to be delivered all   some   none 
9 Type and amount of waste and residues to be delivered and/or remaining onboard.
Type Waste to be delivered m3 Maximum dedicated storage capacity m3 Amount of waste to retained onboard m3 Port at which remaining waste will be delivered Estimated amount of waste to be generated between declaration and next port of call m3
1. Waste oils 1)
Bilge water
Other (specify)
2. Garbage
Food waste
Other (specify)
3. Sewage
(incl. greywater)
4. Cargo-associated waste *
5. Cargo residues *

1) Special declaration to be completed
*May be estimates

I confirm that the above details are accurate and correct and there is sufficient dedicated capacity onboard
for storage of all waste generated between declaration and the next port at which waste will be delivered


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